The story of “Capture the calm, the chaotic and everything between”

When we welcomed our first born into the world, we assumed we understood what it meant for our lives. We didn't, obviously. He is our most perfect whirlwind. He challenges us, forces us to be a better team and inspires us to be our best selves. Two years later we met our second child, a daughter. Between the two of them our life is always a little chaotic. I've learned to slow down and embrace that chaos, soaking in the moments that exist amongst it. Those moments became my everything, and those are the moments that I am now passionate about documenting. 

Becoming a wife and Mama has acted like gasoline on fire when it comes to my drive of capture people's memories. I cherish every image I have with them, from beautiful wedding photos that Matt and I can revisit, to the family images that serve as a reminder of just how much we have. 

People create memories and those sweet memories deserve to be cherished and documented.